Monster under the Bed af Lezanna Clannachan – Analyse | Eksamenssæt eng b 23. maj 2014

Parents and their children have different roles driven by numerous norms in life. Parents are expected to take care of their children in both negative and positive situations. When the roles switch from the parents being the caretaker to the child, suddenly something unnatural initiates. The short story “Monsters under the bed” by Lezanne Clannachan concerns a young 15-year-old boy taking care of his depressed mother. A day when on the Waterloo trains station a woman initiates a small-talk with Eddie and creates another forbearing and polite boy. Eddie tells his life story only able to grow up instead being a child with ordinary pleasures.

Eddie is a 15-year-old charismatic boy with domestic problems. He has switched roles from being the child to being the parent responsible for his depressed mother “The word ‘mum’ makes an anxious bubble in his stomach” and “She is not well. She needs me” (p. 2 l. 17 & 22). He is simultaneously fascinated by ordinary child occupations such as having a dog “He misses his own dog, that’s all” (p.1 l.20)...

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