Eksamenssæt hhx 22. maj 2014 | Is immigration good for Britain? – Manuscript

In your speech, you address economic, social, cultural and political aspects of UK immigration.

Your speech has the following title: Is Immigration good for Britain?
Write the manuscript in English.
Word count: 800-1200 words

Use the following sources:
- Immigration: Britons Want 'Drastic Action' (3:22), Joey Jones
- Hard Work And Ambition Pay Off For Immigrant (3:49)
- How can you be British without speaking English?, Martha Buckley
- Majority of voters think immigration is harming Britain, Adam Withnall
- They come over here, speak good English... Kevin Rawlinson

You may use additional sources in English, eg from the internet. Do not forget to document your sources.

Hello and welcome to all of you here at the EU Youth Conference. I would like to say a warmly thank you for having me here today, I am very grateful. My name is Michael and I am a student at the London School of Economics and Political Science. I have been asked to give a speech on Immigration in Britain.

For many years I have followed the situation closely, from many perspectives. In my speech, I would like to talk about if immigration is good for Britain and what is the consequences of immigration. I hope you will enjoy my speech for the next hour.

Immigrants are coming to Britain because their families are living in the country and because they want to get a job in Britain. Therefore, many immigrants choose to get at citizenship. The immigrants who have the opportunity to get at British citizenship is feeling a big acceptance by the society.

But many British people think that it’s bad for the country, so do Theresa May. She doesn’t think that the rules about immigration are tight enough.


If you look at the overall situation on immigration in Britain, there are many perspectives and many different opinions. Some believe that immigration is very bad for the economy and the society and that it is doing more harm than good.

But some also mean that it’s good for the society, that Britain has the immigrants to take the bad jobs and to work harder for lower wages. Like you heard, the politicians can’t take a decision whether to make the rules more tight or to just do nothing about the situation.

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