Firstly, I would like to introduce myself. My name is Jeppe Rasmussen, and I am a student at London School of Economics and Political Science. I am very grateful for the opportunity to express my opinion on immigration in the UK. I will be addressing the political, social, economic and cultural aspects of UK immigration.

UK immigration is a subject, that splits the minds and opinions of the British people. Some are very excited that immigrations are moving to the UK, whilst others believe that immigrants are lazy and abusing the system in the United Kingdom.

Furthermore, some people believe that only the smartest people, and those who are willing to contribute to society in general, should be allowed into the country. The debate surrounding UK immigration has been going for years and will most likely continue for a long time.

People are choosing to immigrate to the United Kingdom, because of its great opportunities to study, work and prosper in the society.

The living standard is often much better than the countries, they are arriving from. The wages are higher, the education system is much better and the general welfare in the country is levels above what they are used to.

The question that many native Britons ask is; how can you be allowed to call yourself British, and live in our country, if you can’t even speak the language properly.

In an article from BBC News by Martha Buckley, labour leader Ed Miliband, claims that too little has been done to ensure that immigrant communities are integrated into wider society. Furthermore, he calls for more effort to ensure that those settling in the UK can speak English.