Jamaicans lead Caribbean calls for Britain to pay… | Essayd

Everybody wants to be free. However, slavery is the opposite of freedom, which has been a reality for many people throughout history.

Should we let history be its own, and not try to repay for our mistakes? Some think that we should repay for the damage done, but others are not so sure.

In the article “Jamaicans lead Caribbean calls for Britain to pay slavery reparations”, written by Jon Swaine in 2014, arguments for and against slavery reparations are presented.

The author presents the arguments against slavery reparations to show how there is a different point of view, which resides with the Britons.

Several Britons do not think that they carry any responsibility:

“Mark Simmonds, Mr. Hague’s minister with responsibility for the Caribbean,dismissed all talk of reparations. “

Do I think that we are in a position where we can financially offer compensation for an event two, three, four hundred years ago? No, I don’t,” said Mr. Simmonds at a press conference.”

They do think that slavery was horrific, but they do not consider paying the enslaved descendants any money or any true official apology for what their ancestors did to the black people.

Even though the author shows the other side of the debate, then the readers do not gain a lot of sympathy with the argument against repayment for slavery. There is no proof that slavery in the past does not affect the present and even the future.

Then the reader is presented with proof that illnesses in Jamaica origin from time of slavery. Therefore, it is difficult for the reader to be persuaded of the arguments against repayment for slavery.

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