Class in Britain – Essay

This assignment will take focus on the relationship between Charles and his parents in Penelope-

Lively's short story on Systime “The Happiest Days of Your Life" the analyze will take point of view on the relationship that Charles and his parents has in the story. This assignment will end with a conclusion on Charles and his parents bond and how he feels about going to the St Edward’s Preparatory School.

At the start of the story when they are driving, towards the St Edwards Preparatory School, in the car, the mood is very lousy at least for Charles, his parents on the other hand are quite existed to visit the new school they are expecting Charles to start at, at the next semester.

It seems like the parents are a little naïve, especially the mother who thinks that this is the most wonderful school. Looking at section 13 it is clear that the mother adores this place a lot, and the boy on the other hand doesn’t really answer her mom or is excited about it the same way as she is.

It feels like that there might be a barrier between the three of them, there might be some unwritten rules in this family that he has to do whatever her parents tell him and no matter what he does it is already decided that he has too attend to this Preparatory school, so he doesn’t even bother trying to convince her parents that this isn’t the right decision.

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