Essay about Gibraltar and Britain

Gibraltar is a British overseas territory located right next to Andalusia in Spain, which is south from Spain. It has an area of 2.6 square kilometres. The population is approximately around 34.000 people. But even though it is closely located on Spanish territory they are not under Spanish rule.

The population even feels more British than Spanish, because of their past. Until 1704 Gibraltar was under Spanish regime, but the British captured the peninsula from the Spanish during the war of the Spanish Succession. After the British captured the peninsula it was under British regime, which it has been ever since. For many years the Spanish government have tried to reclaim Gibraltar from Britain, which has become a very big discussion, especially after Brexit.

Gibraltar’s strongest businesses are largely in the services sector such as financial services, online gambling and tourism, which all are within the single market. Therefore it will have massive consequences since Britain voted to leave the EU.

Since Gibraltar is under British regime it means that they have to leave the EU, if they choose to stay under British rule. But it is important to note, that Gibraltar voted in favour of staying in the EU with 96%, which is the highest vote anywhere in the world. But the peninsula has two other choices to choose from. First, choose to stay on the single market, but leave the British behind. Third, become independent.

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