Binge drinking in Britain | Essay | 10 i karakter

Binge drinking in Britain is a big problem and it's something people are aware of, the thing that people are aware of the subject, gives people an opportunity to make a change. But how was the awareness achieved?

Binge drinking in Britain is a huge problem and the two commercial have really set their marks, another commercial made by VCCP has the same intentions, but made in a different way.5

The VCCP commercial is a runway show, where one girl pulls up her skirt and starts peeing in the middle of the runway, in order to show how girls restraints go away when they drink alcohol.

Another girl walks like a normal model on the runway until she stops and throws up on the runway. That girl indicates that people can’t stop, and doesn’t know when to stop drinking.

To top it all off, two guys walk a normal catwalk and starts fighting. The fight is showing how normal it is for teenagers to get in fights when they have consumed alcohol.

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