Binge drinking Essay

Researches have shown that binge drinking can lead from 50 to 90 percent fewer stem cells in your hippocampus, compared with the people that do not consume alcohol. This is a very high percentage.

It is concerning taking in consideration that a lot of young people drink almost every single weekend, but would people keep on binge drinking if they knew which effects it could have, or would they not care about the consequences?

Binge drinking is very dangerous for not only the one drinking but also the people in their circumference, but do people drink anyway knowing that it will result in a lot of consequences, are binge drinkers even aware of exactly what alcohol can lead to?

Later studies on monkeys have shown that it can have some serious consequences when consuming alcohol, one of the common effects by drinking alcohol is that your stem cells in your hippocampus will be significantly reduced.

The study also showed that the people who start to drink regularly in the age of 12, will have a lifelong develop dependency, compared to people who start to drink regularly in the age of 18, only 11 percent of the people who will start to drink regularly in the age of 18, will have a lifelong develop dependency.

Why do young people drink? Is it because they might think it is cool when they binge drink with their friends or are commissioned by their parents that binge drinking is normal to do.

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