Assisted Suicide for terminally ill patients | Eksamenssæt eng b stx 22. august 2013

1. Give an account/outline of the issue as it is presented in texts 1 and 2
2. How does the author of text 3 use her personal experiences in her argumentation? Illustrate your answer with examples from the text.
3. Taking your starting point in one of the texts, discuss how terminally ill patients should be helped

The two following texts are about different views on whether assisted suicide for terminally ill patients is appropriate or not. In the first text: “Toni Nicklinson: “Perhaps I’ll say goodbye on Twitter”, made by Nina Lakhani who is a journalist and former nurse, we get to hear about why euthanasia should be legal from a patient with a locked-in syndrome. The second text, “Do any of us, however ill, have the right to die?”, is set as a contrast to the first one and is made by the Welsh writer and columnist, Allison Pearson. In her optics, it is both unethical and wrong to put patients out of their misery.

Woods gives an account of personal experiences and expresses her opinion about euthanasia, and the topic came close to her when a friend brought it up: “…I knew she wanted me to say: “Yes, of course I’d help you. All the way” But I’d suddenly realised for the first time, that I couldn’t and wouldn’t help her… she’s not family. I can’t carry the responsibility for her” (p. 6, vv. 24-30). She is caught in a dilemma. She will do everything in her power, but at the same time, it seems ethically wrong for her as a friend to provide euthanasia because it is a significant responsibility that a familiar relative, in her opinion, should deal with.


There is obviously some tension when talking about the subject, euthanasia. Is it appropriate that we offer these people help to pass away, although, their mental state is capable of functioning, or should these people do everything in their power to establish a presence, even if it causes them pain, and that they may not get the same life as before the injury was inflicted?

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