Have you ever experienced a situation, where you just feel embarrassed about who you are? Marvel’s miss marvel is a comic produced by Marvel Comics.

Marvel’s miss marvel is about a 16-year-old girl named Kamala Khan. Her ethnicity is Pakistan, and her family is cultural and have different rules and principle than her classmates. Kamala is struggling in life because of her culture.

She feels abnormal because of the food she brings to school and because of her family. Kamala doesn’t feel like she belongs and wants to appear normal. She wants to change the perception others have about her.

She couldn’t handle what people around her thought about her. Kamala seemed to have this battle with herself, where she wanted to change herself into another person. But at the same time, she had always done what her parents said.

She had been holding her thoughts back and following her parents’ orders. This was something that she changed, as she decided to sneak out to a party.

She wanted to change people’s perception of her and for that reason, she chose to go to a party. But even though she came to the party, people still saw her as a Pakistani girl.

Intolerance comes out here as Kamala is affected by the other's words negatively. Kamala can’t tolerate the hate that she got and quickly gets angry at her friend for trying to protect her.