Physical setting
Character sketch
Point of view

The story “Blink and You Miss It” by Alex Garland is structured as a flashback story. This means that the narration begins at a present moment and leaps back in time; in other words, the main plot takes place before the time of the narrative.

The story begins in media res (in the middle of events) with the narrator ‘seeing’ his neighbor from England trying to cross the street:

“About twenty seconds ago, I blinked, saw a window and outside it, my next-door neighbor's kid, Sammy. Sammy recently turned five. He was standing on the far side of the road and wanted to cross over.”


The narrators outer characterization only informs us when he comes to England, and says that he turned seventeen years old and was a drug user when the event took place somewhere in South Asia.

He does not mention anything about his gender, but as we keep reading, it seems that he is a young man. He compares himself as a child with a young boy from where he used to live in.