Hello ladies and gentlemen and honored attendees, how are you?
First of all, I want to thank you all for letting me take your time and attention today. It is such an honor to stand here today, and speak to all of you.

My name is Janni Emdal, and i am the owner of six Driving Miss Daisy franchises. I am here today to talk to you about the reasons i chose to become a franchisee and the reasons i chose to become a Driving Miss Daisy franchise.

Furthermore, i will talk about the advantages and disadvantages of being a franchisee, and more specifically the advantages and disadvantages of being a Driving Miss Daisy franchise.

Finally, i will talk about how to become a successful franchisee. But first of all, i would like to thank you guys again for allowing me to come here and talk to you today. I am very grateful for this invitation, and thanks a lot to all of you who showed up!

I have set approximately 20 minutes for questions after my talk but if you have something important to ask me that just can’t wait, you are more than welcome to interrupt.

First of all, i would like to explain what franchising is. Franchising allows companies to offload the set-up costs to store owners. In turn, franchisees, who are self-employed, benefit from a well- established name and access to ongoing support.

It is an arrangement where one party (the franchiser) grants another party (the franchisee) the right to use its trademark or trade-name as well as certain business systems and processes, to produce and market a good or service according to certain specifications.

I’m proud to tell that i am the owner of a Driving Miss Daisy franchise, which the U.K.’s only nationwide driving and companion service. We provide transportation and companion driving services for the elderly, children, disabled and for anyone unable to drive from a to b.

We offer you independence and peace of mind, enabling you to get out, have fun, and add some zing into your everyday living.

Our special service also provides assistance in and out of the car, going to appointments, shopping, and company on outings.