Marriage of Inconvenience | Analyse | Jin Rho

1. Summary of “Marriage of Inconvenience”
2. Essay of “Marriage of Inconvenience”
3. Discussion on how to overcome differences within a family

“Marriage of Inconvenience” by Jin Rho starts with Irene, the mother, touching the cross at her neck at the kitchen table. Her son, Paul, brings her an invitation to the civil marriage ceremony with his boyfriend

Silas. Irene tries to talk Paul out of getting married, trying to convince him not to get married right away. The film changes scenes to a conversation between Irene and her husband, who is a pastor. He asks Irene to come with him to a protest against gay marriages.

Irene must decide whether she wants to join her husband to protest against gay marriages or compromise her religious beliefs to join her son on his wedding day.

The main theme of the short film is family conflict, explored through homosexuality. The message of the film is that homosexuality can divide families when parents are not able to accept the gay orientation of their children.

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