The novel is about a young teenage boy named Manny. He lives in the English city of Leicester in a small house with his parents, both his brothers and their wives all of which are Punjabi.

In the novel we follow Manny on his journey to escape the arranged marriage at the age of 17 which is set up for him by his father and expected of him to fulfill as part of the Punjabi cultures traditions.

He has seen both his brothers go through with it at a very young age and he knows for sure that this is not what he wants. Manny was born into the English culture and it is therefore the only culture he really truly knows.

He has a dream of going to university, travelling the world and finding a girl he really loves without his family being involved in any way.

At the start of the novel Manny has four years to escape the arranged marriage and we follow him throughout the story on his path free himself.

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To evaluate on the novel, I think first of all the story itself I very interesting. I myself have never read about the fact of having arranged marriages in the Indian culture and it really gave me a better and more thorough understanding of the subject.