I Break for Traditional Marriage by David Sedaris

The talk about the LGBTQ+ topic is still widely controversial and highly debatable in various countries, societies and between individuals.

Despite the ongoing conversation and the awareness towards the topic through movements etc. people, governments and countries are becoming more open-minded and accepting regarding the LGBTQ+, there are still people with a more conservative opinion on, for example, gay marriage.

One of those people is the narrator of the short story “I Break for Traditional Marriage” by David Sedaris. Our narrator is Randolph Denny, a very conservative and homophobic man, who becomes enraged when gay and lesbian marriages are made legal.

The narrator and the main person in the story, Randolph Denny, is a very traditional man with a particularly strict opinion on gay marriage which becomes legalized his state1 in the short story.

Randolph is not willing to consider different ideas than the “norm” in his reality and we especially see his conservativeness when he speaks about his wife, daughter and other standpoints he has:

He informs us that he has been married to Brenda for thirty-nine years and their daughter is thirty-seven, meaning that his wife did not fall pregnant until a few years after they got married which is usually a traditional manner.