Ice break | A short by Astrid Blodgett

Unhappy marriages are such a common thing today. It is like we do not even get surprised anymore when we hear about a couple getting a divorce. That is a bit worrying to think about.

All families go through tough times at some point in their lives, but is it really everyone who makes it through? Unfortunately, the answer is no.

Not everyone surpasses the difficulties and obstacles a marriage contains. This can then lead to depression and a very unhealthy relationship. The children are also victims of situations like these.

Ice break is a unique story, especially when it comes to the structure of it. It starts in ‘media-res’ and begins with almost the ending of a very tragic accident.It is when the ice breaks.

It jumps back and forth in time to present and previous happenings. The story starts with a memory and it gains the reader’s interest immediately. It is exciting and the tension increases as you read.

Then, all of a sudden, it changes its story line. A completely different setting. We get the background knowledge of the characters and read about the build-up to the other incident.

It happens a lot throughout the story. It is as if the reader gets a break whenever the tension of the first storyline, gets high. Every time the story reaches a point where the reader just wants to keep on going and find out what happens next, it switches to the other story line.

It is provoking but it also makes the story very exciting and intense. The first timeline is definitely the climax. It is also where the suspense of the story is.

In between, we get small samples of what we want (which is to finish reading the first story line), but we are going to have to wait to the end, to get the rest of it.

Something the children do not know, is that their parents are planning to separate themselves from each other. They have not told them, and they never get the chance to either.

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