This essay will be about the first season and the first episode of the Prison Break. Firstly, the essay will explain what the Prison Break is, and what it is about.

Secondly, the essay will explain about characterization, composition and plot conflict. Lastly, the essay will have an overall conclusion of the episode.

Prison Break is a series about a man named Michael Scofield and a lot of others. Michael goes to jail, and he plans to save his brother.

Michael Scofield is a relatively young man of about 25-30 years. He's a civil engineer, and he wants to get his brother out of prison.

Michael sounds and also seems to be a very clever young man because he has had the whole prison drawn on his body.

It also shows how much he is willing to do for his family, as he has come in solely to save his brother Lincoln who is about to get punishment to death.