The United States is the number one country in the world on the list of countries with most incarcerated people.

This means that they have more people incarcerated than countries such as China and India who house around 1.4 billion people each.

This is crazy to think about when comparing it to Americas 330 million people.

To put it another way, you can say that the United States may only be home to around 5% of the global population however, the United States houses 25% of the world’s prisoners. A big part of the total prisoners is of the Hispanic and African American races.

Another thing that is interesting to look at, is the fact that you can almost see a pattern in which people are being incarcerated.

It is usually people from the same race, culture, neighborhood, wealth, who has the same values and take part in the same types of activities.

This also means that some people in the United States have a higher chance of getting caught with committing a lot of these smaller crimes because of who they are, than other people do.

Let us take an example. A small crime could be carrying a small amount of drugs on you at a certain time.

All types of people do this in America: teenagers, grownups, blacks, whites, rich, poor, and so on. However, the SWAT teams usually only breaks into the poor neighborhoods such as the housing projects.

The SWAT teams don’t usually be doing their work in the wealthy neighborhoods where rich people live.

Because if rich people commit a crime and gets caught, they go to rehab because they can afford it. But when a poor people commit a crime and gets caught, he or she goes to jail.