Let’s Be Honest, Gun Control Opponents | Analyse | Nick Laure

The US is very known for guns - everyone can purchase a gun with a license and a clean criminal record. The problem is that there are so many weapons

that it is hard to track them all down. With that many sales of firearms, that appears in the US, a lot of them ends up in the possession of criminals.

Looking at the linguistic features in the text written by Nick Laure, we see, that there are used some of them. For example on page 2, line 26-27 “you’re not that naive” which appears to be an ironic sentence

furthermore there is the sentence “I understand that a little bit of selfishness is human nature” which is also an ironic sentence, but this time the word selfishness appears

which is a socalled, value-laden word, because it means, that you are only thinking on yourself and no other peoples too.

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