India’s welfare | Essay | 10 i karakter

Today India has got major problems with education, child labor and youth unemployment. The problems continues and there is not much the ordinary citizen can do

when especially child labor, is a part of their culture. To be well educated means something in every country, even in the richest of them.

India is kind of a poor country, which is why social heritage, plays a big role. If you’re smart and clever, it won’t affect you as much.

In India, they have a lot of successful doctors and engineers, who’s also good for other countries, since they can send help from there.

But the big problem is the kids and young peoples education. The youngest of them, is in a risky situation regarding professionalism.

Some nine year old kids, can’t even figure out what eight plus nine is, and many ten year olds can’t read the material, that is meant for seven year old kids.

This is also mentioned in the article,” Half of ten-year-old Indians cannot read a paragraph meant for seven-year-olds”.

India has a lot of poor families and families with too many children. So being able to care for 3-4 children and pay for schools etc., is a big challenge.

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