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Analytical essay
Analytical essay (den jeg har rettet)

The short story” Hungry” written by Alice Ash starts in a food mall. In the mall, our main character is eating a burger, when he suddenly sees a girl eating rudely with gloves on her hands.

The girl is staring directly at the boy, and the mom who is with the boy says “Oh! look who has a little crush!” On the way home to the boy’s aunt, the mother has to pee and comes giggling back.

At aunt Mins flat, it’s a bit chaotic as the aunt is very confused and constantly offers food. The flat is filled up with rubbish, and the dog is looking starved.

While they are eating someone buzzes on the door. It was the same girl wearing the gloves, asking the boy: “are you hungry?”.


Food is a big factor in everyone's life and we all eat different amounts of food. A demented old lady, for example, may not remember she has eaten food, and may therefore eat several times.

In the short story ”Hungry” written by Alice Ash, the narrator’s aunt Min might be demented, or at least, a bit crazy. In the text, we follow a boy who does not talk very much but orients himself more.

In a food mall, he has spotted a girl who gave him a special impression, unlike any other person. This girl eats very rudely with yellow gloves on and stares at him while eating his burger.

The mother has noticed the boy's frequent glances he has at the girl with gloves. “‘Oh! look who has a little crush!’” (line 24).

The mother has fun during her meal with the burger as she subsequently waves and smiles at the girl with the yellow gloves.

The boy does not have any violent or embarrassing reaction, so he is used to his mother's attention-grabbing presence.

Both mother and aunt Min seem to have some obsessions, such as OCD. The mother is very hygienic, whereas the aunt has some specific things that need to be in place.

in addition, the aunt must also be demented, because she constantly forgets her past actions such as cooking.”

She took out the sanitiser again and wriggled the sharp-smelling wetness around in her hands.” (L. 17-18) here it is shown that the mother cleans her hands "again"

and that is something she has done frequently during this meal, where she has eaten a burger with a knife and fork. contrast to the girl with the yellow gloves that the boy is looking at / thinking about.

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