- The Setting
- Characterization
- Themes
- The message

The Novel takes place in a destroyed world. The world has been affected by the climate changes which has caused wildfire around the world. These wildfires have been so brutal, that not much is left.

The readers follow a man and a boy wandering around trying to survive in the apocalyptic world. This story has probably covered about a month or few in time.

We can see that because on almost every page a day goes by, some more . The section starts at the wintertime. We know that because of the snow laying on the ground.

The characters aren’t placed in spot. Throughout the story the man and the boy wander around to find resources and food to be able to survive. Therefore, does this story not take place at one spot, but many different. They travel through towns, cities, fields, barns and forests.


This novel carries many themes. There is this post-apocalyptic setting, animals, plants and humans have dies off because of some unnamed disaster. Because of this, death is a constantly looming figure, the land and sea are covered in darkness and ashes, grass doesn’t grow and dead bodies lies around.

There is also familial love in this novel. As there are only two main characters, a father and a son, the novels principal relationship is one of paternal love. The man and boy are ‘’each other’s world’’, and it is only the man’s love for the that gives him the will to keep pushing and survive.