The Road | Analyse

The setting:
The father:
The son:

The setting in this novel is very interesting, we find our characters on the road, everything in this novel seems abandoned, the houses, cities even the whole world.

The setting is very depressing, with no life.

The city is mostly burned and covered in ash which maybe indicates that novel occurs after a natural disaster, which has wiped out nearly all inhabitants of the world. It is a dystopian world where everything is as bad as it can be. The natural landscape has been completely destroyed, everything has turned gray and covered in ash. “

Ash moving over the road” (page 22). We also know that it rains and is cold all the time, well the father thinks it`s October but isn`t sure, because he had not kept calendar for years.

“He thought the month was October but he wasn`t sure” (page 19). It indicates that they have no clue what time It is, or where they are going, they just keep going.

Title “The road” is a symbol of their life, the road keeps them going.

There are some symbols in the novel for example the dream, at the beginning of the novel the father is having a nightmare (dream) “In the dream from which he'd awakened” the dream is a symbol of their situation right now. The way the father describes his dream is very horrifying, like their situation right now.

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