‘The Road’ by Cormac McCarthy | Analysis

The novel The Road starts in media res where they wake up in the woods. The story is about a boy and a dad that are traveling together.

They are wandering around through the entire story and live in the wild. And experiencing the consequences of environmental changes.

The main characters are the man and his son, who is called “the boy”. At the beginning of the story, the son seems like a boy who did not dare to try challenges and was a scared boy.

The boy loves his father, and he doesn’t want to leave him alone. His character changes when his father fell to the ground and pulls and hands him a pistol.

The boy develops into an independent boy, who dares to hold a gun and take responsibility. The man asks the boy can you do it? When the time comes?

and the boy answer what if it doesn’t fire? The dialogue between the son and his dad indicates uncertainty. The boy feels insecure about the situation They hide in a forest.

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