The documentary” The Queen of Versailles” was an eye opener, going into the film the intro we don’t feel sorry for what is about to happen to them but towards the end we find out that nothing will satisfy them.

The documentary does a great job of showing us a world that we will probably never see, as well as, showing us what’s important in life.

It does a great job of portraying the American dream and all the problems they may come with creating it.

The documentary takes us back to 2008 where the Siegel’s are making so much money than they know what to do with it.

Everything seems to be going perfect for the family. Westgate Resorts is making a lot of money by selling timeshares to their middle-class customers.

David loves his work. Matter of fact those people he hires end up almost become family members to him. Like he’s having a strong connection with them individually.

So, to make it short he loves to work. like I love to watch my favorite football/soccer team to play on television.