‘Alpine Road’ by Jennifer Down | Analysis


The short story “Alpine Road” is about a young, married woman, Franca. Her husband Clive is sick and spends most of the days in bed.

Franca remembers him from before, when he worked. Every day he woke up early and made coffee. Now it is her responsibility to take care of Clive and their three children.

One day Franca informs Clive that she will stay longer at work for a meeting, but it is a lie. She cheats on Clive. The same day she decides that they will all visit her parents who live in anther town, but Clive wants to stay home with Emily and Kurt.


All the problems are on Franca’s shoulders; the house, children, work and not enough money. She is trying to deal with it all, but she cannot help to think that she is left alone with it.

To release the stress and maybe forget, even for a very brief moment, about all problems, Franca is lying to Clive and cheats on him. Clive suspects that Franca cheats on him.

He does not believe that the meeting at work is the reason why she has to stay longer at work, especially when she does not want him to pick up the children from school, “It’s okay. It’s probably best to ask Cate. So, we know for sure.

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