Alex, the main character is in the car with his little sister Rosie, his father and the father’s new girlfriend Paula. They are all going to Robin Hood’s Bay, which Alex says was his mother’s favorite place to go.

Alex is feeling ill on the drive there, and the father is very obviously annoyed by this. When the mother had told the children about the father leaving very suddenly, and Alex was very aware of the situation compared to Rosie, who was just three years old.

Our main character Alex is a very protective boy, which is seen when he spends a lot of time with his little sister and “defends” her by calling his father out.

The way children talk can often be very blunt and direct, but the children themselves don’t seem to notice that. Alex clearly knows the situation and some quotes from the story definitely makes it look like he sees his father as the bad person in the situation.

For example: ““she’s only been doing it since you left”, said Alex looking up from the fly. There was nothing dad could say to that, thought Alex grimly…” (p. 3 l. 87-88). He mentions that after the father complains about Rosie still wetting herself.