Bunking Off | Analytical Essay | Jennifer Smith

The short story ‘’Bunking Off’’ by Jennifer Smith from 2010. Bunking off is about Peter. He meets a girl named Daria, she is a girl from Iran, but who has come to London.

Peter and Daria get to know each other more and Daria gets a tour of Peter. You get to tell a little about Peter's parents and get a little insight into their relationship. Where after that a lot of exciting and sad things will happen

Daria felt free, because he himself has not experienced such a kind of oppression, and therefore one should be grateful for what one has.

She has dark nice eyes, black natural hair, she can be described as a very shy, intelligent, she is mature and independent (contrast to Peter) and has an accent but speaks good English. Compared to Peter, then she is a good student

Peter goes through a process of change during the course of the story. One does not really hear anything about Peter's mother but he does not seem to have the best relationship with his parents, especially his father since he left Peter and his mother.

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