Multiculturalism is a much-debated topic in the UK. This is because problems can arise when several different ethnicities meet and must function as a diversity.

Cultural differences can create an internal conflict between family members. Hanif Kureishi is a product of an interracial marriage between a Pakistani immigrant and an English woman.

He grew up experiencing first-hand the racial and cultural clashes that he addresses in most of his work. Hanif Kureishi has presented this fact in his short story "My son the fanatic" it explores the issue of culture clashes.

The story about this an immigrated family is set in London, which is the capital of England. The story takes place in various locations over several days in London.”

London is a multicultural environment with a large variety of people with different ethnic backgrounds and cultures. Furthermore, Parvez and his family are in the lower social class.

Parvez has to work hard to finance Ali's education, etc. The social setting shows the male attitudes towards women, in the immigrant Pakistani communities.

E.g., Parvez has a close relationship with a prostitute, whom he trusts more than his wife and he rescue her from a violent client .

The narrator in the story is a third-person narrator, with a limited omniscient. The narrator is connected to Parvez and therefore different situations are told through his eyes.

This means we only know how he sees the situations, and what he thinks in the different situations

and we don’t know how the other characters feel or what they think, we only know what Parvez perceives of them and how he reacts to them. Thereby we e.g., get the perception of Ali through the father.

The short story has two main characters, Parvez, the father, and Ali, the son. The first protagonist we met in the short story is Parvez. He is a father to his son Ali. He is very proud of his son.