‘My son the fanatic’ | Letter | 10 i karakter

It has been one year since Ali left his parents’ home after his argument with his father. One day a letter arrives for the father.

The letter is from Ali. Write this letter. Include the following words: love, fundamentalism, Britain, family, future.

Hello Parvez,
Even though I want to call you dad, I feel like I can’t. You broke that bond.

I’m writing you this letter, not for your sake, but my own. I know that you’re mad and disappointed in me, but it goes both ways, trust me.

I never left the anger, and it’s still growing inside me every single day. Kicking me out of the house, for me to live on the streets the first 2 weeks until I could find a place at my friends’, do you think that’s fair?

Because we couldn’t agree on how the world should work. I never kicked, hit, or yelled at you just because I didn’t like the way you either were acting or living.

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