Multiculturalism is today a large topic, which is discussed in many different aspects of equality.

Language, dialects, values and music are some of the things connected to multiculturalism and have had a large impact on how the different countries are formed today.

A nove l that describes being an immigrant in another country and adapting to the majority culture is "My son the Fanatic" by Hanif Kureishi published in 1994.

The short story is about a father and son and how they together and individually tackle living in a new country. This analytical essay examines include an analysis of the short story's main characters, narrator, setting, themes and message.

Parvez is married and has a son named Ali. Parvez works on a daily basis as 'Punjabi', a taxi driver who drives a lot at night, which he has done for 20 years.

This he also does to escape his wife at home: "They slept during the day, avoiding their wives" (P. 101, L. 35-36).

Bettina is one of Parvez's loyal customers, and often drives with him at night. The two have known each other for three years, and have a good relationship with each other:

"He could talk to her about things he'd never be able to discuss with his own wife" (P. 101, L. 84-85). Bettina is a prostitute, and is described as following:

"Bettina stood in the rain wearing high heels, a short skirt and a long mac on top ..." (P. 103, L. 157-160). It could indicate that Bettina had a past or present abuse:

"Bet-tina had drawn pictures of capsules, syringes, pills, powders, rocks. "(P. 101, L. 164-165). Parvez and Bettina enjoy spending time with each other.

They trust each other, and save with each other in relation to their personal problems. In relation to Parvez's culture it is considered being wrong to spend time with 'such women', prostitutes.

Parvez and Ali have a bad relationship, and are unable to talk to each other. In the text, Parvez even says, "He was aware that he had become slightly afraid of his son" (P. 99, L. 15-16).

Because Par-vez works at night and drinks alcohol around the clock, it has led to a bad relationship with his son Ali. Ali is, as mentioned before, critical and incomprehensible to his father's behavior.

In terms of setting, the action takes place in London, England, affecting both Parvez and Ali. Since his arrival in England, Parvez has detached himself from the traditions and culture of his religion.

Ali has maintained these traditions and cultures, and is not enough with it, has become more reli-gious since their arrival in England.