My Son the Fanatic – Literary analysis

The story begins with a father, Parvez, sneaking around in his son Ali’s s bedroom. Parvez is surprised as Ali’s room has seemed to become a lot tidier than usual. But beside a dustbin in Ali’s room Parvez finds a torn bag containing a lot of valuable things that he has provided Ali with throughout the years.

This leads Parvez into thinking that something else than just “growing up” is causing the unusual behaviour. One day Parvez decides to tell his colleagues about the whole situation in a call for advice.

Parvez’ colleagues suggest that Ali might be involved with drugs and advises him to be stricter towards him. Parvez’ also seeks advice from a local prostitute named Bettina who tells him what signals to look out for when it comes to the use of drugs.

After some time of Parvez looking further into Ali’s behaviour he comes to the conclusion that his son is not doing drugs. However, Parvez is noticing that Ali has begun praying five times a day. In an attempt to find a concrete answer to it all Parvez invites Ali out to a restaurant for a talk.

At the restaurant Parvez is constantly reminded of what he is doing is totally wrong, such as drinking whiskey and eating pork. Ali is also talking about how bad the Western world is.

In an attempt of getting everything back to normal again Parvez chooses to tell Ali his own philosophy.

But Ali is certain that he is the one who is right. In the end when Parvez is driving Bettina they see Ali and picks him up. In the car Ali is being offensive towards Bettina resulting in her leaving the vehicle.

When they get home Parvez beats up Ali as a result of his behaviour. But Ali is not showing any feelings and instead replies with “So, who’s the fanatic now?”.

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