My Son The Fanatic | Hanif Kureishi | Analyse

My son the fanatic is a novel written by Hanif Kureishi. Hanif Kureishi is a screenwriter, filmmaker and novelist.

Hanif was included in The Times list of “The 50 Greatest British Writers Since 1945”. Hanif has also been awarded Order of the British Empire or for short Cbe.

The short story was first time published in The New Yorker in 1994. The novel deals with a conflict between a father becoming more distant from his religion, and a son’s conversion to Islam and how their relationship is in a downward spiral.

The sender of the short story is Hanif Kureishi, who intended this story for immigrants and people with a greater understanding of the English language due to the complex sentences and words that he uses. There is multiple topics of the story.

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