Headless | Analytical essay

It is easy to become ignorant of our problems, and instead of working on the task at hand, we shift our focus on to something else, with the problem still lingering in the back of our heads.

Living this way could be very unhealthy and unbeneficial for us. That lingering in the back of the head is just going to keep on expanding, and in the end consume us. This certainly Is the case for the protagonist of Karen Brennan’s “Headless”.

The relationship with Mitchell is unhealthy for the narrator’s sanity, which is why she begins to see the headless man:

“One man kept hurting himself. When I left the theater for the Junior Mints, that man was all bandaged up which was also supposed to be funny.

But here was the headless man headed into Theater 8 which featured just my kind of movie, one in which two women sit on a bed and talk for hours and in between talking they try on clothes. (p 2 ll 74-78)”

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