Sunday in the park | Analytical Essay

I am going to make a characterization of 2 characters, analyze the relationship between the husband and wife and the development of their relationship in the short story “Sunday in the park” written by Bel Kaufmann in 1983. In the short story, we hear about a family who spends their day in the park and how it suddenly escalates to a violent conflict between the wife's husband Morton and a man. Through the story, we also see how the wife and Morton's relationship changes.

Simultaneously, Morton and the other man in the park gets in a conflict whether the other man's son should stop throwing sand or just continue. The other man at the park is huge and reads Sunday comics while spitting deftly, while Morton is an intelligent and pale professor , who wears glasses and reads a book in the park . The other man seems really unintelligent compared to Morton, also because of his egoistic and simple behaviour.

The man is very straight and firm in his way of communicating with Morton , at one point he even tells Morton to shut up . Morton tries to discuss and argue, but the other man interrupts and won't let a communication be. Morton has his reasons in the right place to walk away and avoid the fight which in he is right . Morton knows that he has lost his masculinity and therefore has to explain his action to his wife. He ends up wanting to "discipline" Larry in frustration ­ because here, he is the bigger one; “If you can't discipline this child, I will” . That tells a lot about how violence, revenge and inferiority complexes develop into a bad circle. Maybe he also wants to punish his child because he recognizes himself and his own weakness in Larry.

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