Sunday in the park is a story about two children playing in a sandbox, they have been brought up differently.

The story takes place in a park, near the city. We can see that because of the quote; “and the city noises came muffled through the trees in the park” (p. 97, l. 1 - Sunday in the park) It means that you can still hear the noises from the city, in the park.

Later they go to the playground. The story is in the late afternoon, around five-thirty on a Sunday. The weather was warm, by the late afternoon sun.

The first time the boy throws sand at Larry, the mother tries to calm the boy down, and she tells him nicely that he shouldn't be throwing sand at other kids.

She specifically said “We mustn't throw sand. It may get in someone's eyes and hurt. We must play nicely in the sandbox” (p.97 1.19, Sunday in the park).

She searches for the boy’s parents, but she can’t find anyone who looks like they are with the boy. When the boy’s father says “You go right ahead Joe, throw all you want.

This is a public sandbox” (p.98 l.10, Sunday in the park). The mother becomes speechless. She turns to Morton and waits for him to say anything against the big man.

When Morton and the man start to discuss, she worries that they are going to start a fight. She is relieved when they walk out of the park, that Morton and the man didn't fight.