A shot in the light – Analytical essay

Nowadays, people have a tendency to care a lot about their own needs. This make them forget the people surrounding them, because they are busy being narcissistic. This is a very individualistic way of living and it matches the short story. The short story takes place in The United States, and as Hofstede said USA is a very individualistic country. In the United States of America people's self-image is defined as “I” and not “We”.

Another problem is that people have a tendency to not value the things they are given, and they always want more. Material goods have become more important, than family, friends and in general everything. These standards are selfish and must be changed. In the short story “A shot in the light” (2001) written by Lion Goodman, and in the story Lion Goodman comes across these important problems.

The writer starts the short story by introducing the reader to an episode in his life. The writer captures the reader’s interest, when we hear the main character sees Ray in Mojave Desert “ On the way to Los Angeles from Las Vegas, I stopped to help a motorist whose car had broken down in the Majove Desert.

He was down on his luck, had no plans and no where to go, so i let him travel with me”(p. 112, l. 3-6), after we have read this, we get more curious, what happens next? We meet both characters of the story in the first seven lines, so we get introduced to the 2 most important people in the short story’s opening.

At the end of the novel the main character is at L.A. Country Hospital after he had said goodbye to Ray,“in the emergency room of L.A.Country Hospital”(p.119, l.16). He finally gets to see a doctor, and it is told that he is really lucky. The ending is a closed ending, because there is no more unanswered questions the reader can have.

The main character does in a way show the same character as Jesus. If we look at the beginning of the short story the person we get introduced to is a friendly person, because the first thing we hear about is that he notices a stranded man on the side road. He then helps this stranger as a good human being.

This is a sign of humanity to help others that need help more than you. So the main character is acting like a Jesus figure. An example is: “ you're supposed to be dead here i am, i said quietly” (p.114, l.25-26). The reaction of the victim is a bit weird, because if you would get shot in the head four times and then speak to the assassin I could imagine speaking nicely and quietly to the assassin.

This gives us a better idea of the main character and what kind of person he is. He is acting like Jesus in the way, that he handles the situation quietly and slowly. The main character does not act violent and it worked out pretty good for him.

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