Shot in the light | Analysis

The short story portrays a relationship in jeopardy between a Good Samaritan and a poor man, due to a series of miscommunication and bad decisions. The Good Samaritan who is also referred to as the protagonist is a great biblical figure, who in this story, is illustrated as the saviour to our second character the poor man who is also called Ray. The plot in the story, takes place in a van somewhere between two destinations.

In the beginning of the story, the Good Samaritan ran into the poor man on the way to Los Angeles from Las Vegas. The poor man’s car had broken down on the highway with leaving him with nowhere to go and no one to turn to. The Good Samaritan took him in, clothed him, and assigned him to lesser tasks in his business:” I grew to trust him. I even started sending him on errands while I visited stores to sell my wares. At one point, I gave him my clothes, and it pleased him to have something new to wear.”(P.112, L.9-11). Unfortunately, the poor filled with jealousy, shot the Good Samaritan and luckily enough the Samarian did not die, but lived. He eventually was able to change the character of the poor man.

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