Good evening lady and gents | Manuscript Poverty in UK

My name is Stine Lundsgaard, and I am a senior student and a member of the debate team at international business college. My team and I are very grateful to be invited to the Oxford Schools Regional Debate Competition to give our take on this year’s theme “UK Challenges”. Let me begin with a quick poll. Those of you who believe, the UK has challenges they need to deal with, raise your hands.

Alright, and then raise your hands if you think one of those problems is poverty. Okay, with that information, allow me to conclude that it was a fair majority. Exactly this issue will be my contribution to today’s debate. Firstly, I am going to briefly outline the increasing poverty in the UK. Then I will move on to a detailed analysis of different attitudes to poverty and the possible consequences of the current austerity policies.

The analysis leads me to a discussion of the different attitudes. Finally, I will briefly summarize the topic. At the end of my presentation, I will allow 5-10 minutes for questions, so I would be thankful if you could hold any questions until then. Thanks, let us begin.

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