Poverty in the UK | Manuscript

Good evening everyone, my name is Oliver Machmuller. I´m a part of my school's debates team, right now I´m a third-year student at Aarhus business college, I got selected out of all the students in my debates team to come here today to tell you guys about challenges, so I wrote a little speech for you.

We all got challenges, some more than others, but sometime in your life, I´m sure you will be put in a situation that will be challenging for you.

Something that’s a challenge for others may be easy for you as an individual, but that’s all comes down to you as a person and your mindset or knowledge.

Today I´m standing here to give you all some greater knowledge about today's theme which is poverty in the United Kingdom.

But these people can´t do anything on their own hand, they struggling so much that It´s hard to get over this situation and they can´t do it buy them self they need help from the system so we can get this many thousands of people out of this heartbreaking situation and help them get on their own feed again.

and sins they cut to public services since 2010, had lead to some tragic consequences. The Ministers have in a long period, argued that they had no other choice to cut public spending. Whatever the life has become a lot harder in recent years for millions of people in the UK.

We don't see they got other future plans to make this problem any better. They using millions on other things like cleaning the streets or making the roads, instead of doing what is needed to be done.

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