‘The Iron Lady’ | Analysis | Noter

1. Give a brief summary of plot and setting (what is the story about and where and when does it take place?)
2. Who are the main characters in the film? Make a description of the main characters.
3. How is the story line? Does it take place over a longer or shorter period of time?
4. Are the events in chronological order or are there flashbacks? Give examples.
5. In your opinion, what characteristics did Margaret Thatcher have that made her successful?
6. Which political party did she support?
7. When was Margaret Thatcher the Prime Minister of Great Britain and what was she known for?
8. List some of the historical events that took place during Margaret Thatcher’s time as PM.
9. After Margaret Thatcher resigned from the House of Commons, she was given a life peerage. What is a life peerage and who gave it to her?
10. What are the main themes and the message of the film?

The story takes place in London at Margaret Thatchers home past her time as the prime minister. Specifically, it takes place in 2011, since we learn, that it has been 8 years since her husband died (Denis Thatcher died in 2003)

The story revolves around her time as a prime minister, how she became prime minister, what she did, and how she was as the leader of the party.

There is therefore a lot of flashbacks taking us back to her youth and time as a prime minister. To make it more comprehensible, I’ve written my resume in chronological order and thereby not followed the order in the movie.


The protagonist in the Iron Lady is Margaret Thatcher. She was about 18 in the war, since she got accepted to Oxford when the war was still ongoing.

Her father was a grocer, so she came from a home in the middle-class, where Oxford became her gateway to the political scene. Her father was also the major of her hometown Grantham.

When she was young it seems like she was bullied or made fun of because of her social status. That made her very self-reliant and stubborn, since she had to fight to get listened to, which also made her very determined to succeed.

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