Analysis | “The Iron Men” by Bee Lewis | Engelsk

The short story “The Iron Men” is written by Bee Lewis. The short story is written with a first-person narrator and is also being told by the main character. He is telling the story from his view “I miss teaching the wonders of chemistry and physics to shinyfaced students”. We never get to know the name of the main character, but we do get a lot of knowledge about him. Sometimes we hear about his past which was nice and good, and otherwise is changes into how he feels now.

Then first we will look at his past. He was Afraid of dogs since he was little, and now he is more afraid of their owners. His explanation for why he does not like dogs is “Afraid of dogs since he was little, and now he is more afraid of their owners”. One morning he met Julia who had a black Labrador with her, and then they talked together about her dog. Then after some time are, they filled together with Julia like hydrogen and oxygen.

They got a daughter, Sally, and moved to a larger house further up the coast, and close to the school he taught at, because he was a chemistry and physics teacher. He felt that homelife was great with Julia who filled the house with love and cakes to both Sally and him.

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