Essay | Electronical devices, like smartphones, probably aren’t as…

We all know that the new iPhone is incredibly useful and has amazing features, but most phones aren’t used for more than a year or two before they’re replaced by an even newer iPhone. And what happens to the old iPhone? In this essay I will be arguing that waste from electronical devices generally isn’t taken care of properly after they’re thrown out.

Recycling of electronical devices is a huge problem, and the way these devices are “recycled” are incredibly unhealthy for the environment. In the news-article, from 2011 by Voice of America and narrated by Rebecca Ward, Jim Puckett of the Basel Action Network (2:23-2:32) explains how “People call themselves recyclers, but 80% of that material which is delivered to recyclers in the United States, just goes over-seas immediately”.

In this quote Jim elaborates and says that these so-called “recyclers” don’t earn their name, as they’re not being properly recycled, by just going over-seas.

The way the electronical devices are being recycled should be cared for much more thoroughly and is a much bigger problem than people think. We finally have proof and numbers that support these claims. As Puckett mentions in (3:06-3:34) “It’s just done on the street and open burning. Cracking of monitors with hammers.

Burning of the circuit boards to get the solder off so they could remove the chips. Throwing chips into acid baths, flushing all the acids into the river. There have been scientists following in our footsteps when we first revealed what was going on there, and now the data is in.”

Puckett supports that it is in no way environmentally safe to disassemble devices in these ways, and flushing acid from CPU’s into rivers is very dangerous and will have consequences. He also mentions that there is finally evidence that support the fact that it’s not good for the surroundings.

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