Erhvervsøkonomi | Royal Unibrew, Fitness B12 og Motion import

Account for why Royal Unibrew A/S is doing better than its competitors are.
Assess which growth strategy Royal Unibrew A/S is using on its main markets.
Give your assessment of Royal Unibrew A/S’ future prospects based on your answers to questions 1.1 to 1.2.
Calculate the total variable costs and the variable costs for each bike for the consignment of Fitness B12.
Calculate the contribution margin for each bike and the total contribution margin for the consignment of Fitness B12.
Account for how Motion Import A/S can use the calculation made in connection with the decision about the possible import of the Fitness B12 consignment.
Explain the balance sheet and the different parts of it?
Explain the profit and loss account and the different parts of it?
Explain why its important to have both parts.
Give a thoroughly summary of the following article by economicst Milton Friedmann.
Discuss what consequences the theory of Milton Friedmann would have on the CSR policy of Maersk. Consider recent agreement with the Danish state over oil agreement.

If we look at the way Royal Unibrew A/S have been doing so far it looks like they are having a bright future in front of them. Royal Unibrew A/S are right now having a good market where they are sure they can sell their things and they are also good at trying to make new things but for the same market.

But if Royal Unibrew A/S want to keep being big and want to grow they need to find a way to make market expansion and come out of their comfort zone. They need to take a try and see how it goes they don’t need to make a big step but they need to take a little step at a time if they want to keep being in business.
I think if Royal Unibrew A/S want to keep being in the market they need to start expanding their market and their product. Because they are having success in the one market they have so why shouldn’t they have success in other once. So they will just need to take it to the next step and they will be able to be in business for a long time.

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