a. Summary
b. Discussion

I believe in science, and I think this is an amazing start towards the science-fiction future. There are economic and social benefits of the driverless car.

A lot of money could be saved if elderly’s and disabled could “drive on their own” instead of using public patient transport. Fast food delivery, taxi/uber drivers, mail and other forms of delivery will also be affected negatively.

The many distracted car accidents that happens every day, also costs a lot of money. Having at least 10 police officers investigating the crash, ambulance/medical help, blocking the road, insurance and a lot more.

Besides that, a lot of lives would be saved. People would start to trust technology and maybe buy a battery charged/electric car. Buying those cars would benefit the environment and prevent air pollution. I also think that a lot of people would stop driving the cars because it would get boring to just sit and let it drive you.

I think there is some good things about letting technology control our transportation, but it has its bad sides. With no need for a chauffeur or delivery guy, people would lose their jobs. Kids without driver’s license would have easy access to driving on the roads and could easily “steal” their parents’ cars.

The car would also be controlled by a computer, which can be hacked into and controlled by someone who should not. Some important persons driving in those cars could get harmed.

Just like a like a human, the car is also programmed with a moral sense. The moral sense is for situations where there is no time to hit the brake. The car is programmed to choose the safest way out. So, if it’s a choice between 1 or 15 people, the car will choose the 1 person.