Electrical Cars Speech | Engelsk opgave

Dear members of congress

I am speaking to you today on behalf of the organization America’s future. My name is Elisabeth, and I am very proud to represent our organization. It is an honor to speak to you today.

The foundation for my speech is the importance of electrical cars. Our world is threatened by the climate crisis and we definitely need to take this topic very seriously if we want a future for my generation and for our future children.

As you know, the climate crisis is in growth and if we do not do anything about it soon it will get out of control. If we will avoid the worst impacts of climate change, we only have around a decade left to do it.

One of the ways, that we can lower the climate crisis, is by making the vehicles on the roads as clean as possible. However, there are bigger problems that we need to solve, if we want to spare the climate even more.

The electrical cars cannot spare the climate sufficient because of the sources that produces the electricity that we use to charge the batteries in the cars. The electricity that we use comes from power grids and many of these power grids is powered by fossil fuels.

Consequently, we need to change some of the sources that we use to power the power grids to renewable energy, such as wind turbines.

Even so, a study by experts at the Union of Concerned Scientists shows that running an electric or hybrid car on the grids in any state has a lower emission of greenhouse gas than gasoline cars.

But if we want to secure the most optimum results, we have to change the sources that we use to fuel the electrical cars.

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