Driverless Cars | Summary & discussion

The video is about a newscast of how cars have become self-driven. Terrell Brown, a news reporter is out trying the car with a guy, experienced on the subject and takes the car out for a drive in the public traffic.

The new reporter is nervous at first but is calmed by the driver explaining the technology and math’s of the car.

He explains that the GPS is what keeps the car in-between the lines but will not be very helpful during construction work because the GPS will not be that precise and that you might grab the steering wheel while driving through construction zone.

Besides that, the car also hos lasers and radars in front and behind the car that helps the car keep space between cars and any other obstacles. There is also being discussed the issues of the car. There are some legal issues, and how the car and its technology is going to be accepted socially.

Then the news reporters talk about the driverless car’s evolution, how its evolving and how much it is going to cost.

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