Discussion about school uniforms | Engelsk Essay

The topic ‘school uniforms’ is a topic with many different opinions. I have read three articles written by three different people, who all have an opinion on school uniforms.
The first article is written by Ann Svenson in 2012 for an American website called Family Education Network.
Ann is good at pointing out both the positive and negative sides of school uniforms. She starts by mentioning how seeing kids wearing uniforms, reminded people of “the old times”, and made kids feel safe. Ann then goes on to talk about a study regarding school uniforms, and how the study shows that school uniforms help in reducing crime rates to allegedly 76 %. This is not a very good source, because it is not a national study, it is just from Long Beach. School uniforms are not proven to lower crime rates, but the result of the study in Long Beach is indeed interesting.
Even though she points out the positive sides of the topic, she also thinks that uniforms can be a violation of free expression. Kids use their clothes, hair and overall style to express themselves, and that opportunity is taken away from them.

The second article was written by Laura Clark in 2007 and appeared in The Daily Mail.
This article is more positive about school uniforms, and Laura states that kids who wear school uniforms behave better, both on school ground and in public. The students are more aware of their actions outside of school when wearing the uniform, because they know that people can recognize them, and call the school to report how the students have misbehaved. It also gives the students pride, and they get more focused in class, when they do not have to worry about clothes.


The third and last article was the most negative about school uniforms. It was written by Suzanne Moore in 2012 for The Guardian.
In her article she writes that she hated school uniforms when she was growing up, and because she puts her own experience in it, hers is also the most subjective.
She does not think that schools can tell students how to dress. She thinks that it turns kids into soulless beings.

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