The short story ”School Run” written by Kate Marsh published 2013, is a story about a girl, who meets her future husband, as a five-year-old.

The narrator in “School Run” gives a great view of the protagonist’s feelings, thoughts and how everybody else sees him. In fact, the protagonist’s wife is the first-person narrator, who narrates the story.

The story tells about Magnus’s life, and how people judges him, without really knowing who he is on the inside.

Through the first-person narrator, the reader of the short story gets to relive the life of Magnus and his wife.

There are two odd things with the short story, the first is the fact that the first-person narrator is not the protagonist, which is most unusual for a first-person narrator. The second odd thing, is that the story is told in mostly direct speech, but in flashbacks.

The relationship between Magnus and the narrator, is not really like most other relationship. They don’t really have shared hobbies, but their relationship is driven by respect and love.

Not much is known about the narrator, but the fact that she has held on to Magnus for many years, even though her mom thinks that if another guy had carpooled to school with the narrator instead of Magnus, she would be married to him and not the nerd Magnus, tells us a lot about the narrator.

The narrator still holds on to Magnus, even when other boys have been optional and her mom’s advice to get someone better. This is declaring the narrator’s dedication for their relationship, and shows how much Magnus means to her, even when others think poorly of Magnus and their relationship.

Magnus also shows, how he is dedicated to this relationship.

He cares extremely much for her, which can be seen when he “inspects [her] face for clues as to how [she] [feels] about that”. He tries to understand her in every way, so he can improve to the following years of their relationship.