Walk Don’t Run | Analyse | Douglas Bruton

Studies have shown, that the bond between a child and the mother of the mother’s child often is stronger than other grandparent and -child relations, because she in theory is the only grandparent one can be positive are genetically genuine.

This makes the relationship between these two family members fairly unique.

Everyone, who was ever lucky enough to take part in the life of their grandmother, knows this exact relation. From the moment a child becomes aware of death, it knows they probably are going to experience the death of their grandparents, first.

In the story there are two main conflicts:

Julia’s struggle with her knowledge of her father’s unfaithfulness and her relationship with seventeen-year-old Johnny. The narrator shares her thoughts about these conflicts with her grandmother, knowing that she is not able to answer or give advice.

Instead, the narrator thinks about the advice, her grandmother gave her as a child:

“[…] always look both ways before crossing the road, and never run withscissors in your hand, or a knife.” l. 59-60 and l. 122-123.

This sentence is repeated in the middle and at the end of the story, underlining the dénouement of the story:

that the bond between the narrator and the grandmother is as strong as it always has been.

In lines 9-20 the narrator has a flash-back to when she was younger, and her grandmother told her about gutting fish.

The author uses alliteration that begins with the letter “s”, when describing the guttering of the fish: “[…]the sharp knife slicing into the soft underbelly, sliding mouth to tail, and then scooping out the shit and the slime-slippy guts […]” l. 9-10.

In line 15 the words “too soon” are repeated three times, underlining the message; that her grandmother regrets her early marriage.

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